The ’blog “Wirkman Netizen,” formerly at wirkman.net, moved first to these pages, then to wirkman.wordpress.com. For archives of pre-2013 writing, Just click the Netizen link, above. For current blogging, visit wirkman.wordpress.com.

My last name, incidentally, is not “Netizen.” It is “Virkkala.” The “netizen” biz is just a moniker for an all-too-movable blog.

I contribute to the comments sections of other blogs with the initials “TWV” or the name “Wirkman.” It’s not a big deal. Live with it. Those initials, TWV, first adorned the pages of the now-defunct Liberty magazine, way back in the 1980s. My name has, in its variants, graced a number of other periodicals and websites.



ChangING URLS... of wirkmAn netizen